Landstrom new challenger

We are happy that our song ”Too Plain” is this weeks challenger at ”P4-toppen” Jämtland, our local radio station. If you want us to be on the list please call 099-501 36! (You can vote every day until thursday)

Read more about ”P4-toppen” here>>


Landstrom plays in Överammer!

Saturday, May 21 Landstrom is playing at Överammers Mat och Prat! We will start at 20pm and you can also order food (served from 19 pm, only pre-order) at  Kerstin 073-029 30 64 or by mail to: You can also book your tickets in advance. Entrance: 150 SEK, Entrance and dinner 250 SEK.


Landstrom and Moustafa Mejid ”She knew it all”

This song is a part of a project which aim is integration for a good cause. The album is called ”Hälsningar Från” (”Greetings from”) and artists from Jämtland in Sweden creates music with refugees and immigrants to benefit the Swedish children cancer foundation. Recorded in Kullsta, Hammarstrand. Written and produced by Landstrom (Carina Landin and Göran Lindström). Tamboor: Moustafa Mejid. Drums: Björn Höglund. A Kullsta records production. All rights reserved.